Sustainable Living

We now find that many of our clients desire a landscape that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. What does sustainable mean for Landscape Design? For us it means the use of native species, reducing water consumption, growing food, creating natural shelter from the elements, retaining and encouraging wildlife habitat, and using local materials.


– Key to all of our designs is the use of regional native plant species and a focus on low water use.

-We can help you collect rainwater by designing passive and active collection systems.

– Simple or elaborate vegetable and herb gardens can easily be part of your design; you can grow some of your own food – beautifully.   Herbs and vegetables can also be used creatively as design elements in their own right, for borders, accents and color!  Note the Blog post titled “Eat Your Landscape” for some landscape design ideas beyond the vegetable garden.

– Our designs can also shelter you, your landscape and your home from the intensity of the southwest’s sun and wind.  Check our Steel Beautiful metal screens and shades photos or contact us to create unique pieces for your landscape and design needs.

– Use of onsite and local materials reduces transportation and energy costs, and these materials typically integrate best into your design as well.


With our designs and guidance, your landscape will grow into natural balance; it will reflect the local ecology and will bring the life that is native to our area back to your yard. Best of all, your Landscapes for Life design will ultimately require less water and care, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of your new outdoor spaces.