Steel Beautiful Sculptural Design Elements

Landscape Art Inspired by Nature

Landscape Art and Sculpture
by Steel Beautiful

Steel Beautiful’s Nichole Trushell

Nichole can create something very special for you.  Each art piece is unique, and can match the style of your interior design or of your exterior patios and landscape.

Pieces for sculptures are found objects or are created with plasma cutting by hand; they are then pounded and twisted to desired characteristics and welded with a MIG welder.  Final grinding and finishing is done for the final finish.  All pieces are given a natural patina either by rusting over time, or by applying salt and hydrogen peroxide, and then all pieces are sealed to limit continued rusting (unless further rust is desired by the client).

Landscape sculptures add fun and highlight certain garden spaces. More formal sculptural pieces can be used indoors to add dimensional interest to art collections, be hung alone or used outdoors on entry or patio walls.

steel garden art dragonfly  For more examples of Nichole’s work: Steel Beautiful photo gallery 



Decorative Landscape Elements by Landscapes for Life’s Steve Morgan

Every yard needs a sculptural steel gate, screen, rail, or shade structure.  Wood quickly deteriorates in the powerful sun and intense dryness of the southwest.  Steve builds with steel to create original, affordable, functional and beautiful landscape elements.  Because of this, his decorative steel screens, trellises, rails, gates and shade structures will require minimal maintenance and they will last indefinitely.  Any piece can rust naturally, be sealed with a matte finish, or be painted in a wide range of colors in a professional powder coat.  We use reclaimed steel wherever possible.  For some examples of Steve’s work visit:

Screens, Rails, Gates & Shade photo gallery 


Steel Landscape Design Elements